Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Woman with a Pitcher (Homage to Vermeer)

Here is the finished painting.  It's 16" x 18", oil on linen.

Bits and pieces:

Inspired by Vermeer's Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, which is at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

The map on the back wall is "A New Map of the Country of Carolina," from 1682 by Joel Gascoyne, oddly oriented with north toward the right.  I've modified it just a little (aside from general abstraction and, um, artistic license) so that both Charleston and Cape Lookout show on the corner I've depicted.  With a couple of tiny dots to identify my Carolina places.

The pitcher was made by Brad Tucker, whose work I love and who Chris used to know back in the day at Cedar Creek.

Much gratitude to beautiful Lindsay.

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