Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Drawing

Trying to organize and figure out storage for artwork, I came across this one from an unexpectedly productive session three years ago. Although the foreshortening always throws me a curve, it's an angle on a reclining pose that I've chosen over and over again. I think it was about 30 minutes.

"How can you tell she's not dead?"

Not really the question I wanted to hear about a painting in progress.

I hope I haven't simply put makeup on the corpse.

New Photos of Work in Progress

Last night Chris set up and photographed everything I've been working on lately. It's amazingly easy to let a pro do it, though we still need to work out some issues of glare and reflections, especially on wet paintings.

This one above (Meeting Street is the working title) has been my problem painting for months and as you can see its troubles are still not solved. It's 16" x 18" on linen.

I posted earlier stages of Martha and Sarah in July, but Sarah's face wasn't right, not a good likeness, not elderly enough, so I worked on it several times without improvement and then on Monday decided her whole head was out of proportion and painted it out. Not dry enough yesterday to work over, so here it is, in progress.

Second version of Nap continues. For me a 24" x 28" painting takes more thought, requires more energy, and, well, uses more paint. I have trouble with that estimate: I put out too much for small pictures and never enough for larger ones. And though I hate to be wasteful (I hear my mother's voice), I really hate not having enough of a mixture. Were I a more rational painter, it would be less of a problem.

I'm still finding things to interest me in this series of images. This one is currently called "Coy Nude with Bedsheets (and Cat)," but only because that's making me laugh this week.