Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Hill Winter Show

Last weekend I drove up to NC to deliver two pieces for the Green Hill Center's Winter Show, with the additional pleasure of visits with a couple of old friends.  I had planned to take Black Slip (Green Couch) and a newer one:

Furniture Polish (2011), 16'x18", oil on linen
I sent images (rather late, I'm afraid) and received a reply from Edie Carpenter, who is the Director of Curatorial and Artistic Programs, asking if I would hold this painting and substitute another for the Winter Show. She is organizing a show for the fall of 2012, tentatively called “Home-work:  views of 21st century domestic life” and she said, "Your painting of the woman polishing the table, in addition to many of your other works, would be great for this thematic exhibition on home life."  She asked for up to six paintings created since 2000. The exhibition will open the second week in September and run through the first week in November.  I'm thrilled (of course), and excited, and somehow relieved, because I have another external goal to work towards, with a theme that suits my work perfectly and leaves enough room for me to develop some ideas. The framework is somehow liberating.  

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