Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

Groucho said that.

When you put your work out there, you never know how far it may travel: O cão que comeu o livro... ("the dog that ate the book"), a Portuguese-language blog, and Klimtbalan, one in Spanish. In the main, I'm very flattered, though Klimtbalan snagged photos that aren't particularly good, and one (reproduced grande!) is of an unfinished piece I'm not happy with. I use this blog to share in an informal way, mostly work in progress with friends who aren't near enough to come by for a glass of wine in the studio. The website I try to keep more formal and more structured, so it's a little troubling to see things piled one on another, out of any context in the case of blog images, and out of the chronological and thematic order of the website. But I guess it's all outside of the dog now.


kimtbalan said...

Debo entender que no te gusta encontrar tus trabajos en otros blogs?
Tu obra me gusta y por ello la puse en mi espacio. Pero si a ti no, puede hacerla desaparecer. Sólo tienes que decirlo a través de un comentario.
Gracias y un saludo.

JC said...

Wish my Spanish was better! Google translation>>>

No, no, me gusta encontrar mis pinturas en otros blogs. Es sólo la pintura "Meeting Street Girl" me preocupa de ver en otros lugares, porque
no está completa. Veo que suena como un obseso del control - y tal vez yo - pero
por favor, créeme que estoy muy contento de que usted disfrute de mi trabajo. Muchas gracias!

JC said...

I guess I do sound irritable. Thinking about it, that's beyond ridiculous. So few people see _this_ blog that I should be (and truly am) ecstatic to find my work in a place it will reach unknown others. If the point is to communicate...?

It's the one painting that's bothering me--on the easel--as I can't seem to solve any of its numerous problems and am at the point of destroying it in favor of a recomposed fresh start. Because there's something I like a lot about the pose and the setting--I just haven't been able to capture it in paint. Hell, I can't even get the drawing right.

klimtbalan said...

No te preocupes, lo entiendo. Yo no sabía que estaba sin terminar.
Ahora la quito, no importa.
Mu bueno tu trabajo.