Monday, January 21, 2008

Last one, for now

More watercolor, overworked the hand dreadfully and still never got the drawing right. Tomorrow I start a new image; this girl is starting to sneer at me. I will probably come back to her; the experiments were useful but I didn't quite capture expression/emotion/drawing as I'd like to.


Barbara Pence said...

I like the new effort. Has a very fresh, spontaneous feel. I like the "blooming" effects in places. And I think the hand is okay, not as overworked as you think. What you're doing looks like fun! I wonder what you're headed toward, or aiming at. One can get really wonderful effects with watercolor, but you're so good at oils. Is this a temporary diversion? Or a new path?

pursuitist said...

I agree with babarba and would go further about the hand. the "dirty" hand works with this painting. I almost said "subject matter" but I don't mean it that graphically. Or rather I do mean it graphically, just not pornographically.